If you look at what predicts how well children will do later in school, more and more evidence is showing that executive functions — working memory and inhibition — actually predict success better than IQ tests. ~A. Diamond

Preschool is designed to teach these important executive functioning skills. Central Presbyterian Church Preschool (CPCP) believes that children, especially young children, learn best in an environment which has a balance of structured and free choice activities. We provide a wide range of hands-on activities that encourage children to experiment with science, math, language, reading, music, and art. Blocks, books, toys, dress-ups, puzzles, manipulatives, games, and role-playing are available to the children during class time.

CPCP uses The Creative Curriculum. This curriculum provides both direct instruction and hands-on activities, each of which focus on the whole child. In each of our classes, children participate in free choice activities, small group encounters, and whole group teacher-directed experiences. Free choice activities encourage personal interests and self-expression. Small group encounters are designed to enhance social skills and provide reinforcement and extensions to concepts. Whole group experiences are intended to develop listening skills and the ability to follow directions, as well as practice in being part of a group.

Our Pre-Kindergarten Classes are structured to prepare children for kindergarten. Our classes provide experiences that allow the children to be successful and to practice the necessary pre-reading and pre-math skills needed for kindergarten, while interacting with peers in a social setting.  A “letter of the week” program gives exposure to the alphabet with emphasis on recognition and phonemic awareness. Handwriting Without Tears curriculum teaches children how to correctly form letters. Our math program introduces children to patterning ( a pre reading skill), one to one correspondence, addition, and subtraction. Enrichment classes allow students to be pulled out of the large group setting and engage in small group activities including cooking, science, math, and language.


Central Preschool offers technology for our Pre-K students  as part of the curriculum. Coding is becoming an integral part of many future careers.  When students have an understanding of coding they can become producers, rather than just consumers, of digital technology.  Coding can be thought of as a new literacy for the twenty-first century that provides different ways of thinking, communication and expressing ideas.  Our technology teacher leads small group 30 minute sessions.   During these weekly meetings, students will: expand problem solving skills, work on sequencing, use their imaginations, plan and test strategies, build confidence, design things, strengthen their motor skills, and have fun!  How do we accomplish this? We have three tools for learning coding:  Beebots,    KIBO,   Scratch Junior

STEAM Resource center

Central Preschool has incoroprated STEAM into every classroom.  We have a STEAM resource teacher trained at the Erickson Institute and a STEAM resource center with materials available to teachers.  Teaching teams plan weekly lessons to incorporate developmentally appropriate lessons in to their curriculums.


Central Presbyterian Church Preschool has made a significant commitment to your child’s overall development by bringing Music Together Preschool program into our classrooms.

Music Together® is a research-based, international music and movement program that supports many types of learning and believes that Music Learning Supports All Learning™. Although Music Together’s primary goal is to support children’s music development (specifically, tonal and rhythmic competence), the Music Together Preschool program model also supports children’s cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and language development. During music class days, your child will have the opportunity to sing, dance, play instruments, make up words to songs, invent new ways to move, practice language skills and cooperate with other children, so he or she will be growing in many different ways while having fun.

The preschool music teacher is a certified Music Together® specialist.


Central Preschool offers art enrichment classes as part of the curriculum. We cover the concepts as outlined in the Maryland Core Curriculum, including emphasis on line, shape, form, and color. We use our imagination and “travel” around the world and through history. Some of the art we have studied and created include cave drawings, American quilts, African masks, ancients mosaics, still life drawing, and architecture.