STEAM learning Sets Us Apart And Above

Experience Top-Quality Programming


The NAEYC Accreditation
Sets Us Apart And Above

Experience Top-Quality Programming

Christian Preschool Serving Towson, MD

Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten In A Loving, Faith-Based Environment

Learning That Is Play-Based Will Make A Lasting Impact

Play-based learning means your child gains essential skills through exciting activities tailored to their interests. This open-ended approach allows your child to develop at their own pace, and child-led lessons allow them a deeper understanding of the subject matter that lasts.

Child-Led, Play-Based Experiences Will:

Caring, Degreed Teachers Give Expert Instruction

Know that your child receives the very best learning instruction from teachers equipped with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in elementary or early childhood education. Teachers are tenured, passionate, and willing to help your child academically soar.

Keep Your Family Safe With safety Precautions

Academics That Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten

Children have all the basics covered when it comes to being ready for Kindergarten. They learn the things necessary to excel throughout their school journey, and teachers go above and beyond to help them feel confident in all areas.

We Support Your Child’s Scholastic Success With:

We Offer Incredible Part-time Programming; Preschool Is Mornings Only

Build Up Their Brains With STEAM Development

An Erikson Institute trained STEAM educator and a resource center fully stocked with materials means STEAM lessons are woven throughout your child’s curriculum. Encourage their natural curiosity and build their problem-solving abilities.

A Large Field That Helps Strengthen Motor Skills

A Large Field That Helps Strengthen Motor Skills

Your child has dedicated time outside each day to climb stairs to a fun slide, run, jump, or play with bubbles out on a large sweeping field and a fenced-in playground. They can explore nature, get fresh air, exercise, and connect with friends.

A Full-Sized Gym Is Ideal For Indoor Play

Inclement weather doesn’t keep your child from fun physical activity with their friends. Tricycles, bicycles, and obstacle courses keep them moving as they play both independently and in groups in a sizeable space designed for their exploration.

A Top-Tier Music Program Introduces Them To The Arts

The Music Together© Program is a research-based, international music and movement program that helps children’s music development, including tonal and rhythmic competence. They sing, dance, play instruments, and more – all included in tuition once a week.

Develop Tech Skills Like Robotics and Coding

Scratch Junior©, Bee-Bots®, KIBO© are part of a unique robotics program that builds your child’s cognitive skills and takes their tech learning to the next level. Robotics and coding are great additions to their traditional education and challenge them.
Develop Tech Skills Like Robotics and Coding

Watch Precious Moments With Your Parent App

The Brightwheel© app helps you to stay connected with your little angel as they conquer their day. Feel present while they eat, play, and learn, and never miss the moments that matter most to you.

Our Secure Facility Brings Peace Of Mind

Restricted access control for all entries, a private fenced-in yard, security cameras, window tinting with hard break windows, and bipolar ionization filtration to prevent the spread of illness means your child is always protected while away from you.

Our Secure Facility Brings Peace Of Mind
Fun Field Trips With Parent Participation

Fun Field Trips With Parent Participation

Be front and center with your child as they have fun, exciting, and educational field trips to places like Goucher College plays, Llama farm, the Science Center, the Aquarium, Pumpkin Farm, Nature Center, Cromwell Park, and the BSO.


9:00 a.m – 12:00 pm

Students bring a small snack from home and we provide water to drink.
Children learn from a blended curriculum of Creative Curriculum® and STEM. Your child becomes well-versed in reading, writing, math, and science using both within a supervised classroom environment.
Yes, we require all teachers to be First Aid, and CPR certified.
Yes, government regulations require all staff to undergo a background check and screening.

Yes, We Offer Tuition Support Options

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