Men Who Change Diapers Change The World!

Dads Rule!
~Science shows a father can have an immense impact on language. Among the strongest predictors of a child’s language competence is his/her father’s vocabulary
~Children with involved fathers are better problem solvers and dealing with frustration
~Men are more likely to engage in “rough and tumble” play with children, which helps kids regulate their emotions

Special annual events are designed just for dads!

~Dads Day: Dads join students in the classrooms for a fun morning complete with coffee and doughnuts

~STEAM Night: Dads join students in the evening for games and activities complete with pizza!



Dual Language Learners

Central Presbyterian Church Preschool loves DLL students!

Family Resources

Why is play important?

Do you know play increases language acquisition, enhances creativity, expands critical thinking and problem-solving skills, improves growth and fine motor skills?

Bee-bots in preschool

Our Pre-K students love learning about robotics while playing with the Bee-Bots.

Terrible 2’s, 3’s, 4’s

Misbehavior is an opportunity for growth. However, children learn best before they flip their lids into a temper tantrum. Dr. Daniel Siegel the author of No Drama Discipline teaches parents valuable tools on how to solve discipline problems.